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The TERA Project has, apart from the purely mathematical component
of investigating the computational complexity of algorithms
dealing with diophantine approximation, also a practical task:

- mathematical reasoning and development of new algorithms
  using the 'straight--line program' data structure

- experimental implementation of the new algorithms, and linked with this

- improvement of experimental knowledge about the relevant aspects of
  the new algorithms for a professional implementation of the
  various parts which will eventually form a prototype for the main 
  algorithm for zero-dimensional symbolic polynomial system solving.

Available Software

TERA was written by B. Castaño, J. Llovet and R. Martínez to demonstrate the powerful possibilities using straight--line programs for the manipulation and evaluation of polynomial expressions. There are linear algebra routines, determinant and different pebble game evaluation strategies implemented. Apart from that, there exists a Powerpoint application explaining step by step all aspects of the techniques used. The programs were presented at the first TERA Workshop 1996, Santander.

Send an [email] to the authors for more information.

Zerotest was written by M. Aldaz as a first implementation of the recent efficient identity test for straight--line programs. The program was presented at the first TERA Workshop 1996, Santander.

Send an [email] to the author for more information.

slp - a C++ classlib for straight--line programs

slp was written by K. Hägele to allow fellow researchers a quick and convenient method for starting their first own experiments developing algorithms based on straight--line program datastructures. The main effort was to obtain a (near) intutive way of writing new algorithms, trying to minimize the (initial) programming knowledge requirements to encourage more researchers to start experimental work. slp is a C++ class library using LEDA to implement some of the basic functionality of straight--line programs.

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Projective Noether Package - a Maple package for fast computation of upper bounds on the dimension of projective varieties.

pnoether was written by M.Giusti, G.Lecerf, J.Marchand, B.Salvy at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. [ftp Paris Homesite] [email]

KRONECKER - is a Magma package for polynomial system solving.

It has been written by G.Lecerf at Ecole polytechnique, Paris.

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